When I first started my business, the first thing that I had to host for a client was their email and website. I forget how I found them but for a couple years I rented a VPS from a company called Server Intellect which I later upgraded to a full on dedicated server. And then I came across Amazon Web Services and used their EC2 service to launch and run servers for my clients whenever I needed to. In fact, I was the consultant that helped manage one of my local community colleges, (Taft College) transition from hosting their website on-premise to Amazon Web Services.

I’ve always preferred AWS over Microsoft’s Azure or Google’s Compute Cloud quite honestly just because I am so familiar with it and already had my account setup as well as server images for different setups that I had.

However, probably around a year ago I switched all of my personal stuff such as scripts and my website over to Digital Ocean. Although I still advise businesses to use Amazon Web Services just because they have so many more advanced options and integrations with their other services, I recommend Digital Ocean for people like me who essentially just want to tinker around or just need to have a VPS for personal use in the cloud.

Digital Ocean refers to its server instances as “Droplets”. One of the things that I love about them is that all of their droplets comes with SSD hard disks (and you can really tell). Also, their entry level prices are unbeatable, starting at $5 for a droplet. But probably the thing that I love most about them is the simplicity of their console. They make it ridiculously simple to spin up a new VPS in a matter of minutes.

So the next time you need a VPS, give Digital Ocean a look!