Todoist: My Favorite List Manager

I keep a list for just about everything. Some of my lists include:

  • Bills I have to pay every month
  • Bills I have to pay every year
  • Books I want to read
  • Movies I want to watch
  • Projects I want to do when I get time
  • Templates for setting up servers

A few months ago, I discovered that my then favorite to-do list app, Wunderlist, was acquired by Microsoft and that they were killing it off in favor of their own app. So I started the hunt for a new list manager. I finally came across Todoist. Hands down a worthy replacement!

Not only just it keep in sync between all my devices, including a web interface, it has a remarkably simplistic design. Probably my favorite feature of Todoist is how quick it takes to add something to a list. For example, instead of having to fumble through a calendar to select a date, then fumbling through and picking a time, all I have to do is write “call insurance Monday at 8am” and it will parse out the date, time and the task.

Another thing that I really like is it has an IFTTT channel so I can integrate it with some of my other services.

Todoist is completely free even though they do have a Premium subscription for $28.99/year but quite honestly, the free version is probably sufficient enough for most people. Go check it out!

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