Every once in a while I get in the need of a static IP address for a network that has a dynamic IP address. Now usually, if it’s going to be for something like a permanent server or something, I’ll go ahead and call up the ISP and pay the $10 or $20 extra per month to get a static IP address through them. But if it’s just for a short term project or I’m just tinkering around on something, I’ll use a service called No-IP.

No-IP is a free service that allows you to get a DNS name for your network that also has a script for Windows, Mac or Linux that monitors your connection’s public IP address and when your IP address changes, it will automatically update your DNS record with the new IP address so that host name always resolves to your desired network.

Again, for “mission-critical” applications, I’d much rather recommend getting a static IP address from your internet service provider but if you’re just toying around, check out No IP.