Hi! My name is Chester Frazier and I'm the CEO of Frazier Industries, LLC.

I manage IT for small businesses and non-profit organizations; everything from computers, phones, servers, networks, etc, if it has to do with technology, it typically lands on my desk.

Originally from Maricopa, CA I first started my career in IT at 14 years old by helping manage my school district's computers after hours. From there I accepted a job at Taft College my junior year in high school as a student technician.

After graduating high school in 2006, I went onto study Computer Science at California State University, Bakersfield. During my time as a student there, I also worked as a technology consultant for multiple departments on campus.

During my college tenure, I started my current company, Frazier Industries, LLC (formally Definition Systems) in 2008.


Computer: Lenovo Thinkpad E560 / 16 GB Memory / 512 GB SSD / 4 TB Western Digital USB 3.0 / Ubuntu 17.10 • Tablet: T-Mobile iPad Pro 10.5 / 256 GB / iOS 11
Phone: T-Mobile iPhone 7 / 32 GB / iOS 11 • Tinker Toy: Raspberry Pi 3 / 128 GB microSD / 1 TB External USB HD / Raspbian Stretch
Wearable: Apple Watch Series 3 Celluar • Voice Assistants: Amazon Echo • Siri

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